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RAI Ranks #2 In Safety Among 2,649 NJ Electrical Contractors – NJCRIB Three-Year EMR Rankings Announced

SEWELL, NJ (April 7, 2017)—Electrical contractor Ray Angelini, Inc. (RAI) recently lowered its Experience Modification Rate (EMR) from .556 to .483 according to the New Jersey Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB), Newark, NJ.

“I am extremely proud of the entire RAI team for improving an already stellar EMR ranking,” said Raymond J. Angelini, Founder and President, Ray Angelini, Inc. “It is our main focus to provide a safe working environment for our employees, so they go home to family safe and well each day.  It takes all of us working together to make this happen.”

“The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is a vital part of RAI’s overall program,” said Angelini. “Our ‘Tool Box Talks’ and management safety meetings are held weekly to keep employees well informed on the latest safety systems and techniques.”

“Each employee takes personal responsibility to raise his or her own safety awareness in planning and performing work assignments,” says Jim Specht, Safety Director, RAI. “Our comprehensive approach to safety has earned our firm numerous safety awards from many of our customers, our insurance company and a number of industry organizations.”

“EMR rankings update every three years and have a considerable impact on a business,” added Specht. “It is a number used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk.”  According the Specht, the lower the EMR of your business, the lower your worker compensation insurance premiums.

“EMR of 1.0 is considered the industry average,” says Specht. “If a business has an EMR greater than 1.0 then there has been a worker compensation claim that its insurance provider has paid.”

To mitigate an insurance company’s risk, the insurer raises the business’s worker compensation premiums. An EMR of 1.2 would mean that insurance premiums could be as high as 20% more than a company with an EMR of 1.0. That 20% difference must be passed on to clients in the form of increased bids for work. A company with a lower EMR has a competitive advantage, because they pay less for insurance.

Companies can lower its EMR. A safety program that eliminates hazards and prevents injuries is the starting point. No injuries equal no claims.

“Having a plan to manage injuries and workers compensation claims is a must to get control of the EMR,” says Specht.

Founded in 1974 by Raymond J. Angelini, RAI is known for actively managing its company’s health and safety program to ensure compliance with all Local, State, Federal, Company, and Customer requirements.

RAI EMR: .483
Equals #2 ranking of 2,649 NJ Electrical Contractors

Gov. 5190

Total Insureds: 2649

Gov.: 5190
Mod: .483
Expir. Date: 3/1/2018


NJCRIB is charged by statute to encourage employers to reduce the number and severity of accidents by adjusting premiums through the use of credits and debits under a uniform system of experience rating; establish and maintain rules, regulations and premium rates for workers compensation and employers liability insurance; and adopt means for assuring uniform and accurate audit of payrolls as they relate to workers compensation insurance.

About RAI

RAI is a multi-services electrical contractor that builds and maintains all types of electrical projects. Services include: commercial and industrial electrical contracting for entities such as data centers, hospitals, and utility substations; alternative energy provider, specifically solar EPC and maintenance, cogeneration construction, and LED lighting design and retrofits; wireless infrastructure services such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and cell tower construction/modifications; and power systems testing and commissioning. RAI has the ability to work at all voltages and with all substation equipment and experienced tag-holder personnel to provide the highest level of safety and reliability.



April is National Distracted Driving Month!

Distracted driving is an epidemic across the country. Thousands die each year in collisions due to the driver not focusing on the task at hand. Let’s show that we are can beat the odds by demonstrating that we know how important it is to focus 100% of our  attention to driving while behind the wheel.

Remember this advice from the National Safety Council:


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