Planning and Training Is The Bottom Line

Much has been written about a recent fire at a warehouse in Burlington County, NJ.  In particular, the fact that the roof was covered with solar panels and its impact on firefighters’ abilities to fight that fire.  While Ray Angelini, Inc. (RAI) did not design or install that particular solar energy system, we have installed many other similar systems.  We believe it is incumbent on the solar industry to help the fire service community with education around this alternative energy technology.  Hence, RAI is committed to working with authorities to help them understand the unique mechanics of a solar energy system, so that in the event of a fire, they can do their jobs safely and with confidence.

The analysis into that fire is ongoing, but the bottom line is, with a good plan and training this fire or any fire can be successfully fought.

As a leading commercial solar PV design, construction and maintenance company and a major part of the solar industry in New Jersey, RAI is reaching out to the firefighting community statewide and offering to assist in training their members in understanding the unique mechanics of solar energy systems.  In fact, we’ve already completed training in a few townships.  We count several firefighters among our team members.  Their combined backgrounds as firefighters and solar PV engineers enable a deep understanding of the issues, technologies and cultures that are involved.

Planning and training.  That’s the solution.  We can help. Call us at 856.228.5566.

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