Renewables and Efficiency…Perfect Together

Remember the old New Jersey Tourism commercials where former Governor Tom Kean used to recite the slogan, “New Jersey and you…perfect together?” Well, in 2013 here in New Jersey, there’s a pretty good partnership between the value of renewable energy (solar PV) and the value of energy efficiency.

We look at it the following way:

  1. The least costly energy (to your budget and to the environment) is energy you don’t use. There are programs available through the NJ Clean Energy Program that offer incentives for you to replace old, energy-inefficient systems with modern, highly efficient systems. We can help guide you through the maze of programs, incentives and products.
  2. For your remaining energy requirements, nothing beats renewables. New Jersey once again has a strong environment for solar. Investments you make in solar will produce returns for you for over 25 years, so take a longer term view of things. You’ll see the value – not only in budget savings but also to the environment. And telling everyone what you’re doing to help preserve our environment is also good business.

Many of us while growing up were told something to this effect by our parents… ”don’t just sit there and complain…go do something about it.” Apply that to the cost of energy here in New Jersey.

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