Seven Tips to Prevent 
Heart Attacks in the Workplace

With an aging workforce, the danger of a heart attack occurring at work is a constant worry. To help mitigate the risks of heart attack, follow these seven simple steps to keep your workforce happy, healthy, and alive.

Encourage Employees to Spend 30 Minutes Exercising Each Day

Setting aside a small amount of time each day towards physical activity such as taking brisk walks or gardening helps keep the heart muscles strong and reduces stress.

Spend Time in Nature and Create More Office Green Space

Studies have shown that the human body reacts well to natural surroundings. Take steps to reduce blood-pressure including visits to natural places like local parks and add some greenery to your office space.

Educate Employees on the Benefits of a Healthy diet

Ensure that heart health information is readily available for anyone interested and commence a program to educate employees on the effects of sodium, fats, cholesterol, and other substances on both heart and overall health.

Provide Employees with Healthy Meal Options

If you provide snacks to your employees, help them to take care of their hearts by providing heart-friendly options like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains instead of less-healthy options like chips, carbonated drinks, and sweets.

Encourage Regular Health Screenings

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two major risk factors linked with heart disease. They are also silent dangers because they do not have any visible symptoms. Educate employees on the importance of being checked by a physician for these conditions. Early detection and treatment can help to reduce the risk damaging the heart or blood vessels.

Provide Smoke-Free Areas Around Your Workplace

Many smokers go outside and smoke near the entrance to their workplace. Create non-smoking zones in front of the entrances and exits to your workplace so that your non-smoking employees are not exposed to second-hand smoke while leaving or arriving. Your customers will also thank you!

Take Steps to Reduce Workplace Stress and Anxiety

Sit down (or take a walk) with your employees and discuss how they feel. Employees with chronic stress may be at higher risk of a heart attack and steps should be taken to assist in managing or reducing that stress.

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