Structural Engineering – Do This First.

Rooftop solar – what a terrific idea. A chance for you to put an underutilized asset to productive use. Sign me up.

BUT — before you go telling all your friends about this, pull out your checkbook. Go hire a reputable structural engineering firm to analyze your building as to how much weight it can handle. I’m not talking about the roof, I’m talking about the structure. You don’t want a solar integrator to tell you how good it’s going to be when you have panels on your roof and then get that “Oops” phone call telling you that your building can’t handle the extra weight. Besides, your lender won’t take the solar company’s word for it…they’ll insist on an independent structural firm’s opinion.

So – if you want solar on your roof, spend a few bucks before you spend your time and the time of potential solar companies, and find out if your building can handle the weight of the solar system…you’ll be glad you did.

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