What Happened to Commercial Solar?

After months of little new activity, we’ve been incredibly busy in solar. In the past 4 months we have been building over 12 MW of net-metered commercial solar projects, putting over 150 people back to work. With New Jersey SREC values currently near their lowest point, how is this possible? Through a combination of hard work, patience, strong, performing team members.

It’s no secret that there has been a dramatic reduction in the volume of new commercial solar projects in New Jersey. The huge solar farms that were planned have been particularly affected. Many organizations interested in solar have ‘been standing on the sidelines.’

So who has been ‘greenlighting’ solar projects of late?
• Public sector customers like school districts and municipalities
• Privately-held companies that own their own buildings
• Energy investors and independent power producers with a long term view

Now is a good time to take another look at solar. SREC values are expected to turn up beginning next summer, when the new RPS requirements from the solar law signed last summer take hold. Prices of components have continued to slide, making systems less expensive than they were. All things that point to solar being a solid investment. Key questions:
1. Are you committed to ‘going green?’
2. What is your tolerance for payback on your green investment?
3. Are you willing to pay for your system to be ‘built to last?’

Commercial solar is coming back. This time, the recovery will be gradual but lasting. Be a part of it! Give us a call.

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